In this 1-Hour video podcast Liz takes us through the conceptualisation of addictions from a schema therapy perspective, with a focus on sex addiction. She shares anecdotes and insights on her experiences treating sex addictions, and dives into all things sex and schema therapy. Liz provides a fascinating look at this taboo yet ubiquitous topic, one which can be uncomfortable for even seasoned therapists to address. We even dig into niche sex issues including conceptualisation of BDSM dynamics and also sexual transference.

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  Liz Lacy 1-Hour Interview
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Liz Lacy, LCSW (USA)

ISST Accredited Trainer & Supervisor

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"Sex Talk" Free Podcast Video (1-Hour) What's the Schemata with Addictions Expert Liz Lacy - Interview by Chris Hayes & Rob Brockman

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