Reflection Exercise: Empathic Confrontation

Part 1: Therapist Mission

Your mission this week is to think of someone professionally (or personally) that you can use some empathic confrontation.

Why do you feel that you need to lean on empathic confrontation in this case?

Look at the guidelines provided and think of some "scaffolding" statements that may work for your context. Leave some comments below about how you went!

Part 2: Self-Reflection Task

Working with using empathic confrontation is not the most natural part of being a therapist. Most therapists don't get into being a therapist to 'set limits', set boundaries etc. Rather we tend to feel most comfortable when we are in more of a nurturing role - (in general). Setting boundaries and limits can be one of the most triggering parts of the job. What is your schema-based reaction to the task above? Can you imagine following through on using the empathic confrontation? What 'shows up' for you? Are you completely comfortable? Let us know how you feel about this part of the work.. is it easy for you or does it trigger some feelings in you that you must overcome/manage to connect with your 'Healthy Therapist' mode? Please feel free to share some personal reflections in the comments section below.


Chis and Rob

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