CONNECT 2024: Live One-Day
Sydney, Australia
November 4 (2024)

The 2024 Connect Mini Conference aims to bring the best Schema Therapy online trainers together for an engaging and stimulating day of schema therapy learning
- in person in Sydney!

Presenters for the day

Megan Fry
Dr Lars Madsen
Andrew Phipps
Daniela Ho Tan

Rob Brockman
Chris Hayes

Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney.

Starting 9am - Finish 5.50pm

Please note live in-person attendance includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Note: This conference event will also be streamed live, and recordings are available for 12 months for $149AUD (All presentations and slides/handouts).

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Megan Fry (QLD)

Clinical Psychologist
Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist
The Military Mode - A Schema Conceptualisation for Working with Ex-serving Military Personnel

Megan is a clinical psychologist with over 16 years of experience. Her professional career was established working with military personnel (serving and ex-serving). As an ex-serving soldier, military psychologist, contracted psychologist to Defence, wife to a serving veteran and daughter of a Vietnam veteran; she has experienced many of the rigours of military life. Throughout her career, she has actively been involved in the treatment and prevention of mental health issues and the performance enhancement of military personnel in a range of settings across the Australian Defence Force.

Megan currently owns and operates a private practice in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, which specialises in veteran health and people who have not had much success with therapy in the past. Megan is certified as an Advanced Level Individual Schema Therapist & trainer/supervisor.

Chris Hayes (WA)

Clinical Psychologist

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist

New Developments In
Schema Therapy Practice

Chris, based in Perth, Western Australia, Serving as the International Society of Schema Therapy Board Secretary from 2014 to 2018, has been deeply engaged in advancing the understanding and practice of this therapeutic approach. Since 2005, Chris has operated a thriving private practice as an advanced Schema Therapist, supervisor, and trainer. His expertise stems from rigorous certification in Schema Therapy at the Schema Therapy Institute in New York City (USA) under the tutelage of Dr. Jeffery Young.

Throughout his career, Chris has been a catalyst for knowledge dissemination and professional development. He has conducted workshops across Europe, Asia, and Australasia, imparting insights and techniques to practitioners eager to enhance their therapeutic skills.

Chris's contributions extend beyond clinical practice and training. He is a co-author of the acclaimed Schema Therapy Clinician’s textbook, "The Cambridge Guide to Schema Therapy," a central textbook for those learning Schema Therapy. Widely respected for his adept handling of trauma cases, Chris is renowned for his innovative teaching methods, particularly in experiential techniques, which he adeptly imparts to fellow practitioners.

Dr Lars Madsen (QLD)

Clinical Psychologist

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist

From Chaos to Clarity: Schema Therapy with Psychopathic Inmates

Lars is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist and Supervisor with experience working in the private and public sectors in both Australia and England. He has vast experience within community, hospital and institutional contexts applying schema therapy to complex adult difficulties both with clinical and forensic clients. In the course of hhis work as an advanced accredited schema therapist he has been called as an expert witness to the Supreme Court on the application of the schema therapy to high-risk offenders. In recent years he has also provided supervision for accreditation and delivered schema training to staff within prisons and the parole and probation services as well as mainstream settings.

Rob Brockman (PHD)

Clinical Psychologist

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist

New Developments In
Schema Therapy Practice

Robert is a clinical psychologist and researcher working out of Sydney, Australia. From 2010-2017 Rob's work life consisted of supervising and lecturing on Clinical Psychology Masters programs (Western Sydney University; University of Technology) and running a small private practice. This practice has evolved into Schema Therapy Sydney - the first schema therapy themed private practice to be established in Sydney. Rob has authored and co-authored numerous scientific articles, book chapters, and books related to Schema Therapy and Emotion Regulation, most recently - The Cambridge Guide to Schema Therapy published in June 2023. Rob has been affiliated with Schema Therapy Training Australia for the past 10 years and regularly provides ISST (International Society for Schema Therapy) accredited schema therapy trainings to therapists across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Bali.

Daniela Ho Tan

Clinical Psychologist

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist

Integrating Culture into Schema Therapy Practice

Daniela is a Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Schema Therapist and researcher based in Sydney. She runs a small private practice and is also currently completing her PhD at the University of Sydney exploring “Cross-cultural applications of schema therapy in Asian populations”. Daniela works primarily with clients presenting with complex trauma, intergenerational trauma, attachment/interpersonal difficulties and emotion dysregulation. Many of her clients also identify as being of the Asian diaspora and she finds it beneficial weaving in both her lived experience and understanding of Asian culture to promote culturally responsive practice.

Daniela has presented at various conferences on the importance of incorporating culture into schema practice and she is one of the chairs of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) Culturally Responsive Schema Therapy Special Interest Group. In 2023, Daniela launched Project HoriZen which is a training and supervision initiative aimed at promoting culturally responsive practice with a focus on Asian mental health. She is currently running her schema-oriented workshop “East meets West: Integrating Culture into Clinical Practice for Asian Heritage Populations” throughout Australia.

Dr Andrew Phipps

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist

When We Become the Bad Object: Psychodynamic Principles to Enhance Need Fulfilment in Schema Therapy

Andrew is a Clinical Psychologist and Advanced Schema Therapist/Trainer from Sydney, Australia. Andrew has 20-years of clinical experience, spending most of his career in public mental health settings. He spent some recent years as an academic at Western Sydney University. He now works entirely in private practice. He continues to work as a consultant for several mental health services in Sydney. Andrew maintains a teaching role at the University of New South Wales, and conducts accredited schema therapy training and supervision across Australia. In addition to his work in the schema therapy space, he has published in the field of early intervention for trauma, self-help treatment for depression, and clinical outcomes in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).


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