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Episode 45: What's the Schemata
Episode 45

July, 2024: The episode also explores the concept of empathic confrontation, a technique that balances empathy and confrontation to help clients address maladaptive behaviors

New Research: Efficacy of imagery rescripting
New Research: Efficacy of imagery rescripting

October, 2023: ImRs represents a significant breakthrough in the field of mental health, offering a means to transform the meaning associated...Keep reading.

Dr Andrew Phipps
Dr Andrew Phipps joins us on What's the Schemata

October, 2023: "I used to do a lot of DBT, I loved the team aspect of it and..." Dr Andrew Phipps tells us how he found Schema Therapy... Read on.

All Roads Lead to the Critic

September, 2023: Once you have completed a mode map with a client, the next thing they will often ask is 'what next?'

suicide awareness month
Schema Therapy and Suicide

September, 2023: We talk about "Jenny," a patient who tells you she is giving up. September is known for Suicide Awareness.

is schema therapy for everyone?
Is Schema Therapy for Everyone?

June, 2023: Here we discuss the modality and why it's worth considering a treatment plan that...keep reading.

schema therapy for parents

Christof Loose's approach

March, 2023: Christof Loose's approach to schema therapy for children is grounded in the belief that childhood experiences shape our beliefs and emotions, and that these beliefs and emotions can persist into adulthood, leading to maladaptive patterns of thinking and behavior.
Dr Scott Kellogg

Dr Scott Kellogg: Chairwork Dialogues in Schema Therapy and Beyond

March, 2023: Dr Scott Kellogg joins 'What's the Schemata'.

Case Formulation and Assessment   

Case Formulation and Assessment

January, 2023: Chris Hayes and Rob Brockman discuss case formulation on to fundamental attribution error. Listen here.

disarming the narcissist with wendy behary

Leaning into Empathic Confrontation

October, 2022: With a Big 'E' and other Gnarly Challenges with Wendy Behary - "What's the Schemata?" Interview by Chris Hayes and Rob Brockman

wendy behary empathic confrontation

Wendy Behary New Course

September 2022: Today we're talking to Wendy Behary about her new course 'Empathic Confrontation Strategies Navigating Narcissism and Other Challenging Modes in Treatment'.

What If Series

Episode 24: What if Series - Imagery

July, 2022: This episode focuses on imagery in Schema Therapy. We chat about “what if” questions and more! Listen here.

international society schema therapy accreditation

ISST Accreditation

July, 2022: Does it surprise you to learn most Schema Therapists avoid accreditation because they're concerned about being taped? That's because.. keep reading.

what now

Episode 24: Imagery Rescripting

July, 2022: Imagery Rescripting: Chris and Rob tackle how schema therapists might respond to various difficult clinical moments involving the application of Imagery Rescripting.

Remco van der Wijngaart

Episode 22: Remco van der Wijngaart shares his 'tips and tricks'

June, 2022: Did you know Remco van der Wijngaart was once Jeffrey Young's cameraman? In this episode of 'What's the Schemata', Remco shares his origin story with hosts Rob and Chris. Listen here.

Wendy Behary narcissism expert

Wendy Behary Interview: The Narcissist Spectrum

May, 2022: We reflect back on an episode of What's the Schemata' from last year where Wendy Behary shares her early experiences with patients in the narcissist spectrum. Read more.

limited reparenting free resources

Limited Reparenting Podcast

May, 2022: Limited reparenting comes directly from schema therapy's assumption that early maladaptive schemas and modes arise a patient's core needs are not met. In this episode of 'What's the Schemata', we discuss..

Connect 2022 Conference Review

CONNECT 2022 Schema Therapy Conference

April, 2022: See the highlights from our annual Schema Therapy conference. Robert Brockman says. "We had a blast connecting with..." Keep reading.

Professor Arnoud Arntz

Episode 20: Professor Arnoud Arntz, The Scientist Behind the Practice

March, 2022: Professor Arntz joins Chris and Rob to discuss new developments within the Schema therapy model, new proposed schemas and we have a discussion around unhappy monkeys! Listen here.

Free Resource: Questionnaire - Revised (YSQ-R) with
Ozgur Yalcin
February, 2022: We talk about the Clinical Utility of the New Young Schema Questionnaire - Revised (YSQ-R) with Ozgur Yalchin.
Sexual addiction discussed with Liz Lacy and Amber Dalsin

Liz Lacy Interview: Sex addiction

January, 2022: Liz Lacy joins Amber Dalsin MSc, RPsych in her podcast and the two discuss porn addiction, infidelity and.. Keep reading.

Podcast Episode 18: Katrina Boterhoven de Haan

December, 2021: Schema Therapist, EMDR Practitioner and Imagery Rescripting self professed "geek", Katrina joins us to talk about her research and work, as well as our new joint venture.

free schema therapy video answering common questions pracitioners ask

Free video: Q&A on Schema Therapy

November, 2021: Every practitioner has questions as they refine their practice. Here are some of the most common Schema Therapy questions we received in 2021.

Podcast Episode 17: Schema Therapist Rosi Reubsaet

New Book by Rosi Reubsaet

November, 2021: Rosi Reubsaet is the first 'What's the Schemata' guest to join us from the Netherlands.

Podcast Episode 13: Jeff Young Interview (Part 2)

October, 2021: This is the second part of our interview with Dr Jeffrey Young. Here he discusses the role of the punitive critic, the effect of culture on schemas/ mode development, and advice to the schema therapist in training.

Free Resources:  Healthy Adult

October, 2021: These are the latest updates to our resources for the Healthy Adult 6-week course "Contextual Schema Therapy". The course is designed to help Schema Therapists deliver interventions that explicitly target the healthy adult mode. It is packed full of skills and resources for building a healthy 'self'.

Imagery rescipting training school

Imagery Rescripting School Launch

September, 2021: We have launched a new school dedicated to Imagery Rescripting. Presenters Dr Katrina Boterhoven de Haan and Chris Hayes share their knowledge. Find out more.

Schema therapy for complex cases

New Studies: Schema Therapy for complex cases

August, 2021: Schema Therapy evolved out of traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in response to so-called chronic cases. Chronic cases being those cases that don't respond adequately to standard approaches.

Episode 16 schema therapy podcast

Integrating DBT to Schema Therapy with Chris Hepworth

August, 2021: This honest discussion looks at how DBT can regulate clients but in Rob's experience, leave them with a "core misery", - which he acknowledges might be unique to him. We also offer new free resources.

Jeffrey young interview

Interview with Schema Therapy founder Jeffrey Young (Part 1)

August, 2021: Schema Therapy Founder Jeffrey Young joins the What's the Schema Podcast. Read on.

Schema Therapy Courses with CE Units

Claim your Schema Therapy CE Units

July, 2021: United States Schema Therapists can now claim their CE Units upon course completion. Find out which courses are eligible and find out how it works.

Lars Marsden

Episode 15: Schema Crime Channel: Forensic Schema Therapy Staring into the Abyss

July, 2021: Chris and Rob discuss forensic schema therapy with Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist and Clinical Psychologist Dt Lars Masden. Listen here.

cloud schema

Free Resources for Imagery Rescripting

June, 2021: We are currently updating our resourses. We hope you find this new formatting more user-friendly. Click through to find our 'Schema formulation for clients (basic)' and more.

2021 Developing Nations Scholarships

April, 2021: Our goal is to improve access to education for developing nations and in practice contexts where there is a disadvantage.

What's The Schemata

March, 2021: Join Chris and Rob and special guests on our regular deep dive into schema therapy practice, theory and research. You can view the podcast here or via Apple Music and Spotify Podcasts.

ACT Expert Prof. Joseph Ciarrochi

Episode 11: How to Build a Healthy Flexible 'Self' with ACT Expert Prof. Joseph Ciarrochi

October, 2020: New podcast episode where Rob Brockman interviews Joseph Ciarrochi. Listen here.